An Art & A Science

Physical / mental / occupational care provide patients with help on relearning how to perform daily duties or improve their speech after a severe illness or injury. Surrounded by their possessions, pets, and a familiar environment, our clients receive the support they need to enjoy their regular activities and continue living well at home.
Very few of us are lucky enough to have been born with a perfect smile…a smile that is straight and even, with teeth that are healthy and white. Every smile is as unique as the person who wears it.  Many people dream of changing their smile. Today it’s possible.

Aesthetic dentistry has changed tremendously over the years. With today’s advanced techniques and materials, we can now truly enhance what Mother Nature has provided.  An aspect of modern dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, allows us to conservatively enhance the appearance of your smile by closing gaps, straightening crooked teeth, lengthening worn and chipped teeth, and whitening teeth.  The result?  A smile that radiates youth and health.  A smile that rejuvenates your spirit, boosts your confidence, and enhances your appearance for many years to come.

We are creating beautiful smiles.

Dr. Sobol and his team of highly trained professionals at Premier Dental Care are achieving amazing results with advanced aesthetic and restorative dentistry. It takes years of advanced training to be able to design a natural looking smile. As an aesthetic dentist, Dr. Sobol combines artistry with sciene to create a smile that looks indistinguishable from nature. See for yourself. Visit our Smile Gallery.