Periodontitis, also known as Periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums and/or bone that surrounds the tooth. Generally, the disease is painless and most patients are not aware they have a problem until examined by a dentist, however it can be serious and could lead to tooth loosen or lose.


Periodontal disease is preventable through regular brushing, flossing, and healthy oral care habits. However, if you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, treatment may be required.


There are many methods of treatment. Less invasive options may include scaling. root planing, antibiotics. Advanced periodontitis may require surgery.

At Premier Dental Care, we are offer additional periodontal treatment with Perio Protect®. Perio Protect® is a system that offers customized trays for at-home treatment that can end the cycle of disease by extending treatment beyond the dental chair. Perio Protect® is the only periodontal medicine delivery mechanism with FDA clearance. It is doctor-prescribed, with your dentist creating a customized plan for you.

Premier Patient Testimonial:
“When I first started coming to the office I was really scared of dentists. Each time I go now, I’m less and less scared. After a nice, deep cleaning and getting the PerioProtect® trays for my gums and teeth, I’m on a much better path to being healthier. The office staff is very friendly and understanding of the comfort and concerns their patients have. We have seen amazing results with the PerioProtect® trays, from day one up until now. I don’t say this much, but I enjoy going to Premier Dental.” – by Amber

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